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I'm still alive. Are YOU?

I've not posted in an age! I've been busy with the Real World. Is anybody about still?

(JAN 27 2011) NEW LAND! Dark Water Sim

Around the holidays, A bunch of my close friends and I had been discussing the idea of going in on a SIM together.

Around new years we all gave ourselves a month to find a place with the idea of purchasing at the beginning of February.

Well after much research, we decided we could live with the lower prims of a Homestead Sim (3750 Prims), which has a quarter of the number of prims as  a  Full Sim (which was about 15000 Prims) .

Both types of sims are 256 x 256 meters but you can rezz a lot more stuff on a full size.

Anyhow, we found an estate company and bought a SIM called Dark Water.
There was a LOT of work to be done with terraforming and land texturing.
This is one of the reasons I had not blogged in so long - I was SWAMPED!

It was very very hectic but a LOT of fun!
The first thing I had to do was parcel out the land and sell portions to my fellow resident friends.
Then everyone shared what they had in mind for their parcel terraforming wise, and then began working on their parcels, with an eye toward making each parcel blend naturally into the next.

Sky was new to terraforming so I had to get her parcel terraformed first to her specs, and then she did the finishing work.

A few days into the terraforming, we realized the water level was too low in the one underwater parcel, and we had to raise the land on all the other parcels by about 10 meters so we could raise the water level enough to cover up some of the underwater structures. I raised the land only 1/4 sim at a time, which caused some humps in the land along the seam lines, so more work smoothing those out.

Then we had to deal with finding good terrain textures that did not look like a spinach souffle (That was Sky's wording). It is very tricky picking out a Terrain texture, as often you are only seeing one tile of a repeating texture and it may look completely differnt repeating on the ground.  So there was much buying and rezzing of terrain textures for a few days. And we will get to do more research as the seasons change.

We found a good sand for the underwater lagoon at the low elevation,  and a freebie daisy terrain texture from Heart Garden Centre served as our mid-level elevation, and a good rocky pattern for the highest hills,

Then we had to calibrate the elevations of each texture in the 4 different quarters of the SIM. Sky actually helped me a lot with this.

Then we had to have different people look at the ground, because everyone's graphics cards reads the textures differently. (I evidently have a sucky graphics card compared to Sky LOL)

I will be posting more pics soon but on my parcel I made a little curving inlet of water, that wrapped around a roman ruins with a view of an olive tree grove across the inlet.. Here's a pic of Henry and I enjoying the view which included a moonrise! It was so nice to finally relax after all of that work!

More pics to come later... once I get my blog entries caught up...
(JAN 7, 2011)
Some pics of the WInterfell Garden on January 7 Right after building:
MORE PICS HERE...Collapse )

LOVE This pic.. the torches flanking the gazebo... I've since moved from Winterfell and dismantled this garden, but I have yet to set up the Gazebo on the new land. I am sooo glad I took pics so it can help me recreate the atmosphere.

Had to make the water "not bloody" per the rules of the Sim.

(JAN 12th 2011)

Had a few visitors checking out the progress in the garden this day. Henry, Sath and Laconia..
Unfortunately Laconia buggered away before I could nab a pic of her....

I had put out more stuff on the pavilion including some dance balls and a Steampunk DJ booth.

Henry and I dancing...

(JAN 14 2011)
I was taking a few new pics of myself in the old goth garden I had on winterfell - and I love the way this pic came out.

I ended up saving a more closeup shot on SL to use as my profile pic which is quite similar.
This dress was a monthly group gift from Azul.

I think I was using the Alchemy Immortalis Foggy Morning wind light setting. I love the diffused gray lighting in it.

(Jan 11 2011) Tea in Angelino Heights...

A few days after the Vault Girl Contest, Sky joined me for tea in Angeleno Heights.

Angeleno Heights is a Victorian Los Angeles Sim here in Second Life. Lovely Architecture and they have a nice pavilion with a tea service.

MMM.. Tea....Collapse )

There was so much of a washed out pale green in this are that I played around with the wind light settings for different atmospheres.
I love the way this lavender blue wind light sets off our gowns and skins....
MORE PICS here with different Wind Light SettingsCollapse )

I was glad I had a chance to play around with this to illustrate how you can change your wind light settings in Phoenix in the way you would use filters and gels in real world photography...

(Pardon the lateness of this second post-I've not had time to Blog for a while!)

I would be remiss if I did not include a few pictures of the other contestants. Because of lag and camera position issues I was unable to take pics of all contestants in all the rounds, but here are some of the better pics I took:

This is a lovely formal gown... Love the detail on the hem of the skirt!

(See the previous post to see all of Sky's Pics...)

After Party: Cutting a rug with Henry

(Jan 8 2011) Vault Girl Contest...Part One

The Vault is an SL club that plays Music from the 20's 30's and 40's and is located on the ______________________ Sim.

Every year they hold the Vault Girl Competition, This year my SL/RL BFF Sky Haramori entered.

The contest was this past Friday... And WOO-HOO! She WON! I was tickled pink. She put a lot of time and consideration into her costumes. The contest had 4 sections: Formal, Famous person, Bathing Suit, and then back to Famous person. For your formal you had to wear a formal gown of the era. For Famous person you had to pick a famous person, i.e a movie star / pinup model (remember this was before there was widespread TV). Sky chose to portray Jean Harlow for her famous person. The bathing suits had to appropriate to the period as well so it was a retro swimsuit fest!

And of course I was there with my handy-dandy camera to capture the event... I managed to snap off 60-something pics all told. I really do enjoy taking pics at events I have to admit..there is a bit of an adrenaline rush and intense focusing that happens......

I'd have snapped off more but Sky needed a second / third set of Eyes backstage a couple of times to make sure her gowns had rezzed in right after each costume change...

Also the Vault just has really poor layout for taking pics. Some of the problems were the following:

  1. A couple of columns that blocked camera views
  2. A bump-out soffit/fascia thing-a-ma-jig over the bar that does not allow you to pull back easily for a long shot.
  3. A chandelier that was in the middle of the ceiling that was in the way of any long draw canter shots.
  4. Add to that the Red velvet drapes on the stage were not locked shut, so a bunch of us (I admit to being a heavy abuser here *pouts*) were guilty of accidentally clicking the curtain when we were trying to fix our cross-hairs on a point on the stage to pan our cameras... and a few times
  5. Because of the curtain, there was no fixed point we could click on behind the contestant on stage. So I had the cross-hairs on the contestant, and when they began to walk backstage, my cross-hairs got sucked along and I had to scramble to click on a fixed point and drag the camera back again. And if I was too far I would ...yes you guessed it....click on the curtain inadvertently opening it up.
  6. After the contest there was dancing, and the bar bump out and the columns continued to be an issue when camming the dancers on the floor.
Some observations I made: 
As usual in SL, there were way too many tanned skins - this would not have been appropriate to the period...a light tan is all you would normally see. As Sky favors blond hair and pale skin on her avatars, she really had the advantage of matching those well - and knowing good sources. I am ok on finding pale skins but it can be difficult to find a harmonious shade of blonde with some skins, which may be why people prefer the over tanned avatars.

As usual in SL, there were some cases of Glamazon fever. One has to be careful to not have your avatar be too long in the leg and too short in the arm as it makes your avatar look disproportionate, Many of the contestants resisted having the UBER boobs, although there was one girl who was a dead ringer for Anna-Nicole Smith doing Jane Mansfield (so what is that  - future retro?) if you are doing Mansfield, you are entitled to carry UBER boobs, lol.

Be warned there are lots of Pics!

Henry was my escort.... I love his suit!

If you ever get to attend a contest like this you should go! It's a great chance to see some wonderful clothes and have a good time.  I've really developed an appreciation for "events" in second life that are something other than a dance at a club...

I met Henry at the POST Store while I was on the Silk Road Hunt last year. Henry plays in the Steamlands so I had the pleasure of tagging along while he explores them.

Yesterday, he gave me a tour of his Skybox and then we dressed up and he took me on a Hot air balloon ride over the Steamlands.

All dressed up for our ride. I'm dressed more 1930's style in the Low backed Loren Gown from LeeZu!

Riding high above the clouds..the stars were lovely.

Down below the clouds with a view of the Steamlands.....

It was truly a gorgeous ride! Thank you Henry!

Second Life - Snow Explorations.,...

Sath and I spend the evening just wandering about:

Hovering over the Winter Wonderland at Mieville Poe. Got some good candy and food freebies I can use next year for Christmas buffet

Also got these cool reindeer horns and the animated bubble gum...!
And the garland is color changing!

Close up of Sath in some BlakOpal finery.... (re-accessorized of course)

Then on to Port Babbage to view the snow goons!




All of these are on display right outside a shop called Serenity Steamworks / The Steamed Palette.

Each of these (and several others) are are available inside the store for $100 Lindens Each.

We went wandering down the road onto the Academy of Industry SIM,
And hung out in the CocoaJava Cafe. .hey had lovely refreshments.

They also had dance balls on the rooftop...

Sath had to go and meet his sweetie, so I kept wandering about myself...
and Came across a charming hotel called Brunel Hall in New Babbage...

Their Bar had a LOVELY selection of Pastries... So I helped myself to a nice slice of cherry pie.

(See Zave..  I TOLD you it was really really pie and not a Euphemism!)

Out Dancing on Xmas Night...

Well, Christmas Eve and Christmas day were spent in a whirlwind of goofing off. I had RL snow that kept us in town, so more time with my SL friends...

So Christmas Night, (Not Christmas Eve...) my friend Sath was online and so was Laconia, Sath needed help exploring some dance animations, and at one point I dragged them both to MyAnimations, Cause I wanted to pick up another disco dance (I've been hanging out a lot in the oldies dance clubs).

You see, the secret to looking good dancing at a club, is to get better quality dance animations than the club provides. So you don't dance the same lame dances as everyone else.

I managed to snap a pic of the three of us testing out the freestyle dances:

I'm so jealous of Laconia, she looks good no matter what dance she does..
Whereas I get on some of them and look like a total dork, lol.

Then Paully joined us and we all changed into 50's clothes to go to a sock hop at Rojo's. Problem was it was christmas night and everyone was dressed in formal clothes. The notecard the DJ sent had nothing about this but you can't control the whims of the masses.

Afterward Paully and I went Blackhearts Cafe and danced to 80's Music.

I was going for a cross between the Bad Girls in the Musical GREASE, and Audrey Hepburn.... So....do you think I got it?

After that I had some time on my own to work on the clan lands, then I went searching for new (to me) Clubs.

I went to one place that professed to be a 50's/ oldies club called the Underground Garage, but the music was not to theme and the DJ had pornographic audio cuts between the songs that were not well executed, and just a lame distraction from the music...

So I continued my search, and found a place called Big Daddy's, which is one of the bigger clubs... They had a great crowd and great music, and a surprisingly huge number of guys... Reminds me the Meat Market Clubs of the 80's.

I'm also amazed at how many times I got hit on in this outfit...maybe dressing casual has it's advantages...

Hanging out in Winterfell...

I KNOW I KNOW....What is this my what..6TH blog entry today...Hey I'm trying to play catch-up....lol

A few pics at my home..
Finally rezzed some more furniture....
Pulled some items to make room for others....

Me on my front porch in my awesome cool Rocking Chair from the Edgar A. store...
If I had more prims I'd buy a whole mess of them and put the lot of them across the porch just like Cracker Barrel...
(hmmm. To bad they don't have one on SL....)

Me showing my BFF Sky my cool new bedroom set from Noctis Which I got on the silk road hunt.
And YES, their stuff is so FREAKING cool, I ended up buying more things from them... I LOVE their work.

A much better closeup.. Who said you can't find cool things on a hunt...
This came with the Bed, Side tables and lamps, This Chase Lounge, and Rug, and Tall mirror and a folding screen that are not visible in this pic...

I absolutely adore this bedroom set. I often climb into bed with my steampunk laptop that I I got from BlakOpal Designs, and IM with Friends while staring at the screen.. I guess that is IM'ing to the second power, lol.


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